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Roseville IOOF Cemetery Now Being Greatly Improved – More Than $2000 Expended For Pumping and Sprinkling Plant and Further Outlay to Come

[Roseville Tribune and Enterprise, Friday, 7-22-1927]

“One of the most beautiful lawn cemeteries in Northern California,” is the objective of the Roseville Lodge of Odd Fellows for their cemetery. More than $2000 has been recently expended by the lodge under direction of the cemetery superintendent, H. C. Nolte, in the sinking of a well, installation of a pumping plant, tower and tank and an underground pipe sprinkling system.

This is at present in operation in the new part of the cemetery, additional land for which had been purchased by the lodge a few years ago. The pump has a capacity of 1000 gallons per minute. The sprinkling system has been in operation only a short time, but the growth of grass has worked a wonderful transformation in the appearance of the cemetery. The lodge will continue its program of improvements until the hallowed ground will be a real credit to the community.

After the cemetery was purchased and laid out way back in the ’50s, the lots were for many years sold at the nominal price of $10.00 each, with the understanding that the purchasers were to care for the lots themselves. This custom has long ago become obsolete in cemeteries. At the present time, the lodge is selling lots at a figure that warrants the guarantee of keeping the lots in first-class condition for all time. Further improvements to be carried out include the grading and surfacing of the road leading to the cemetery as well as additional beautification of the cemetery.